Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Envoys of Russ

I made these guys to encapsulate the idea of 40k baroqueness compared to cadian 40k utilitarianism.

It should be noted also that this warband  is also paying homage to Migsulas sterling work on Vyka Fenryka on  the rather impressive Iron sleet  - i like to think of them as diplomatic human envoys- maybe housecarls of fenris on a mission of atonement or  for breaking the Witherlogh (Lex Castrensis)
- I actually only wanted to make a couple but got a bit carried away with my wolf bits box ;-)

it would be fair to say the intention was to also capture humans wearing powered armour and power armour backpacks  - now we have the option of using larger space marines in skirmish games quite easily i thought it would be suitable to start making use of human scaled power armour - i know to some folks the idea of space marine style power armour is for Astartes only - but for me power armour has always being ascribable to humans - like in this picture by John Blanche of the tyranid hunting Kryptman or in the rules of Confrontation.


 Hirdsman Sigvat the skald

 Fenrisian Rune shaman RavensClaw & Gun wolf

 KnightBlades of the wolf Elite Human Bodygaurds wearing power armour torsos
 Failed space wolf Aspirants ?

Huskarlar husbondsmen Captain Olaf Heimpgar & Sergeant trellborg of the wolf Brigade

 Speaking of Homages .. I also made a squat adventurer ala Mikko
and a Khornate aspirant Skull collector ala Krautscientist

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Trubba ? trubba not ?

Hey folks just a quick one really , I just wanted to share my January wips .. a few ideas that have been rattling around my head a while finally came to fruition..

 I have been wanting to create a bunch of theatre types for quite  a few years now .. a combination of researching medieval and Greek pageantry  and having  a little background in stage set design . Ridley Walker is the catalyst , recommended to me by a friend a few years back , this book has become a corner stone of my literature. Influencing the mouldy warps and now the first part of a trilogy of  post apocalyptic 40k theatre .

I really wanted to make a bottler too some one who takes the money and works the crowd..
I started a few models and if i finish them i will pop them up.

 The professor  or punch man with his stage

okay moving on ..

a dragons call
Getting back to inq28 i remade acolyte Darthur from Inquisitor vendrakes   retinue

I wanted to get away from his grubby look so i dressed him in the finest Garemnts of the Cydonian Nobility and gave him a cydonian slave  guard.

Cydonia is a planet in the phrellian sub that PDH and I came up with a few years back when Commisar Molotov was flesshing out The dhaltus sector .. a real gem of an idea that deserves more consideration from me i think.

Civilised World (Phalanx Planetary System)

A civilised world in the Phalanx system, though considered a pleasure world by the nobles of the system. Those nobles who have also visited Arcturus know it is not even a pale comparison to a real pleasure world.

Members of the Phrellian elite rent vast estates on Cydonia that comprise of beautiful villas, palaces, manicured gardens, slave camps and various heavy industries. The distinct areas of these estates are divided with sound dampening technology and heavily guarded walls. Vulgaris slaves toil away their lives for their uncaring owners. With the vast legions of slaves, millions strong, the PDF are also the planetary enforcers, though generally referred to as slave masters. The PDF are rented to the slave owners in exchange for produce or simply hard currency.

Areas of the planet have been given over for entertainment and the main cities have the best theatres, fighting pits, slave markets and pleasure domes in the sub-sector. Areas of the planet have been turned into vast parklands and hunting grounds, all the entertainment on Cydonia is part owned by the planetary governor.

Those born free and educated on Cydonia are often gifted diplomats. Cydonian diplomats are much sort after and they travel the sector brokering deals for the various cartels, corporations and even between planets.

Until recently Cydonia was ruled by House Kel-Rosber until the entire clan were deposed and executed by Inquisitrix Benadice. The new planetary lord is ????, is heavily influenced by his advisers Navigator House Voltaire. Whispers persist that the navigator house are the power behind the throne and orchestrated the initial investigation into House Kel-Rosber.

You have as many enemies as you have slaves” common Cydonia saying.

and finally i made this just before Christmas , its a terran terra watte technocrat warrior

not sure if any of these will see paint at the present.. and the Punch and Judy box has been tore apart for the chimera bit i used to make it - but i will probably remake that from scratch anyhow.

regards folks

Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Dragons call

Everything you have been told is a lie

Vendrake never heard heard the shot that killed him . His retinue had fumbled the mission to intercept a meeting betwixt the nefarious Eldar and the rogue inquisitrix Eliesa . Arriving late and without a plan the ageing Vendrake and his men were out gunned from the start. A succession of blind grenades failed Psychic attacks and thwarted shots , left two option open for the loquacious Ordo Xenos Inqusitor . Retire and accept defeat from the vile alien and their co-conspirators, or march on into glory and possible death.

In Death Duty does not end

Visions of glory radiated in his minds eye as his life signs fluctuated into parabolic arrhythmia. A healthy robust Vendrake resplendent in bespoke artificer terminator armour , Indentured Xenos in lieu, receiving a rapturous welcome by his peers at the conclave on Dhaltus Prime for single handedly defeating the Eldar armada in the Howling stars, was followed by a less lucid apparition of Dhartur interrogating a hooded assassin in the bowels of a burning frigate. Clouds of smoke billowed in obscuring the detainee. Vendrake strained to see the face of the assassin but the harder he looked the less he saw . More black smoke billowed in until he could see nothing , his breathing laboured the old man fell to his calliper'd knee gasping for air before blacking out.

The Omnissiah protects

Two years ago I died , My body broken and left to rot on a barren agri world at edge of human space, My enemies abandoned me to my fate. But yet.. here I am , rebuilt ..of a kind ..The Omnisiah has granted me one last chance to fulfil my destiny . War is coming of that I am sure. I must be ready to protect the Phrellian Sub-Sector no matter the cost

There is only war

Saturday, 15 November 2014

I haven't a clue

Well I found these models in a antique shop nestled in amongst 3rd edition chaos marines and Advanced space crusade space marine scouts..  I have no idea what they are from , but curiously they fit into a citadel slotta base. They have a eldritch lovecraftian  horror vibe to me.. or maybe Agatha christiesque who'donnit characters   riding the orient express awaiting a lone murderer in the dark..
either way they are lovely things..

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Flights of Fantasy

Edit ( So I received a few requests to keep the blog open a while longer its got a short reprieve )

So I will be taking down the blog again in the next few days, so I can concentrate on some real life things , but before it disappears I thought I would share the images of The Realms of Chaos Game we played at the start of summer.

The gestation of this game was long and difficult, first proposed  back in April 2013 on Fulgrims Blog
for the 25th anniversary of the Realms of Chaos game. It was eventually played out due to various reasons in late June this year- Unfortunately Rise of the Magi was not able to Join in the shenanigans - And Fulgrim forsook his warband to graciously Gm the entire game for the rest of us, something that some gamers will realise is no easy task using the archaic and detailed Realm of Chaos Rules system.

PDH and Myself set up a blog to document the building progress of each of our warbands and champions on Dakka Dakka

JB's Warband gestated from Tzeentch through to Nurgle over the course of the year and quarter.

Whilst Tears of Envy had a glue malfunction and her models fell entirely to bits.

Fulgrim had suggested we complete a  short background story of our champions as well as a scenery piece to accompany our warbands .

Here is the background story for the Twin brother Champions of my warband , inspired at least in part by a fighting fantasy book I read as teen

2542 IC Vorhexen I write this diary while I can because change is on the wind....

I write this diary as a man, well what is left of the man I once was.

I write this diary to myself and to my brother , who can no longer write.. to my long dead mother,

died of fright on my sibling and I's Ist birthing day, I write this to my father , for his sins , now but

rotting flesh and dried up bone, and I write this for all the women I will never love , all the hearts I

wont break, and for a heart that will no longer care, if it breaks... for my unborn children I never

had nor ever will , for everything I could have been were it not for my god father, my creator, the

black night tormentor . I write this for the trickster god who I have come to despise and to love ,

like a true father, who both annoys and protects.....and changes...

Change is the nature of man , I know better than most the consequences of change, for better and

for worse, my brother and I have had our fair share. We were born in the Capital city Altdorf on the

Mitterfruhl spring equinox in the year 2523 IC , they say the purple flowers turned pink then

died that day all over the city. A portent of sorts … Because our conception was nothing short of a

bad omen.

Our mother a wretched servant to the high guilds, had fallen foul of the charms of a traveller.

Dismissed from her post, she took to begging, whereby she came to the attention of a debauched

alchemist known as Johannes Eckle. Of course no one knew how debauched he was at the time,

merely forgiven for being an eccentric Thaumaturge, it was not until the inquisitional purge that the

diabolical truth came spewing forth, ( quite literally as it happens ) but even then his powerful

allies in the Magical guilds across the city came to his aid and prevented justice from being served.

It was around that time we realised it must have been HIS machinations that made us who we are today .

For the longest time we , were just bullied as freaks, I could always handle the bullies better than

Lothar, who would fly into a rage at the least thing, he lost many fights before the growth spurt of

his late teens, then it was everyone else who feared his rages !

I on the other hand, I however had the clearest mind when I planned my revenge, half a ounce of

widows weed into the families water supply meant far fewer bullies picked on me regardless of my

diminutive stature.

All this was to be expected , we were different, not so much physically ..yet .. but we were half

made , I completed Lothar and he myself, we were better together...

When Lothars feathers came on our sixteenth birthday we were branded more than freaks , we

were ostracised, from the slums, and you have to be truly terrifying to be kicked out of Altdorfs

slums !

We left the city and made a name for ourselves as merchant guards , the riskiest jobs that no one

else would attempt, and we thrived at it. Soon our coffers overflowed with gold, and I set my keen

mind to learning the winds of magic.


Four years past and our attributes grew.. we heard of the trials of Johannes Eckle put two and two

together and plotted our revenge.

My Human mind had already started to grow distant , even more than usual , empathy had been

replaced by a sorcerous ambition and I cared for nowt but Lothar , power and revenge.

The Changes in Lothar were more noticeable, a terrible affliction gripped his skin as it peeled away

in chunks ! No Armour could be worn without it rusting and falling away within days. His moods

turned black and for once I began to fear myself his violent unpredictable rages . The only thing that

would calm him was talk of revenge and murder !

So the plan was set , we travelled by night to Altltdorf and slipped in on our boat. We stayed in the

only area we knew the slums , until the deed was done , then slipped out by way of the Reik.

Those winter days were hard , Bandits and bounties on our heels and heads , we fled north to the 

safety of the Drakwalde. Our bodies changing day by day , our minds eye fixed to the northern

wastes like a broken compass.


I remember little about the past few months, we took up with some fellow outcasts , Ungor

too human for the Herd, unrecognisable now , how quickly they embraced change...

we have heard of a blighted place were time flows fluid , a place where seasons come and go

within a day..

its so cold...

why am I writing this .. I forget...

the cold is in my minds a shard of ice , probing my brain .. numbing me to everything ..but


days turn to weeks and weeks flow into months .. and still we travel north , we raid villages as we

go , Lothar spares no one , His bloodlust unquenchable , the more he kills the greater he becomes ,

his fledgling feathers now a full blown wingspan, he takes to the air more often , searching out that

blighted place... I can barely recognise the brother I grew up with .. he doesn’t even try to

remember , we all keep our distance ..

Arrived last night night , Tzeentch showed Lothar the way.. the distinctive serpent shape of the ruined

castle only visible from the air, We are not alone.

The winds of magic are strong here , they flow through this place like water in a river.. we find mutated ratmen beneath the ruins, a grey seer drawn to this place, like ourselves for some instinctive reason..

Lothar has left again , but I am in no doubt that he is the one in charge , I live because he wills it ,

we all do..

More strangers arrive later that evening , spiteful and malicious , greedy self severing dwarves who

have forsaken their own god in favour of the divine trickster.. I admire them..

Lothar is back and his menace is greater than ever, his will is iron and all obey his command.

Change is coming we can feel it...

As we prepared for the Game Fulgrim had suggested that our scenery provide the basic plot for the battle.

The Tzeentchian Garden Idyll had become under threat from a nasty Nurgly swamp, and each side had been tasked with ridding the others patch. A brilliant idea that really set the tone for the game. We set up on the warhammer world Valley of skulls Table  . 

Although Originally intended to be a game with the four or even five chaos gods represented , we were now the classic  Nurgle vsTzeentch.

With PDH and JB representing Pappa Nurgle on one side of the Table, whilst myself and Tears of Envy
held aloft the flame of Hope for the architect of fate Tzeentch. 

Unfortunately I  dont have time to fully blog the game as a proper battle report , not that I can remember the minutia details of the game anyhow . But I can provide plenty of pics so you can see it for yourself. As a an overview I can say that the glorious minions of tzeentch eventually overthrew the  illusionary japes of the green rotters, but not without some serious contention and for a while it was very much touch and go- with the magisters taking heavy losses from the stoic plague bearers in the early rounds of the game - whilst hardly inflicting any damage at all to the saggy wart bags. There were some  great moments of drama too - like when Envys tiny miniature troll tiny tim  jumped out from a hiding place to assault PDH's Champion  in close combat , or when I committed most of my warband to attack a formidable and impregnable looking champion for at least four rounds until I realised he was just an illusion ( haha ha )In the dying moments of the game  I risked it all for my champion to cast a hugely powerful spell to once and for all banish the garden of rot from the plains  .. A thunderous crack echoed across the chaos wastes and PDH's Champion lived up to his reputation and flew away like a cowardly custard ;-)  All in all it was a terrific game  and Fulgrim did a spectacular job of Narrating ruling and consulting the tome of rules to hold it all together.

As a side note I just wanted to thank my fellow gamers and friends for making this game happen - Tears of envy in particular inspired everyone early on with her amazing warband  which she completed months before anyone else did and I fear if not for her commitment the game could have easily faded into myth.

JB of course who never ceases to inspire in everything he does. PDH who is just bloody amazing and without whom all this stuff would probably not happen at all but even if it did would just be not as much fun and last but not least Fulgrim who's idea it was in the start and at the end.

I just wanted to say its never easy organising these games and the huge commitment shown by folks at every game I have documented on this blog either by organising gm'ing or by bringing themselves, scenery, beautifully painted or converted miniatures shouldn't be underestimated . 

I personally would also like to thank PDH for Sorting out the rules for my war band ;-)
So thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy the pics .. whilst they last ;-)

many regards Neil

 A Phantom Champion stands threateningly defiant